Remember to configure the Account settings before you start creating accounts in Taimer.

Permissions: Admin / Accounts access

Before you start adding or creating accounts in Taimer, you need to enable the Account Settings. You can define account types, account groups, enterprise groups and extra fields for accounts. Besides these, you can also define general visibility and functional settings or define if you want to use manual account numbering.

Account list management settings

This section is valid only for multi-company ERP. Please notice that settings are common for all companies, and settings can be set only by an admin user who has access for all companies.

When needed, you can define account list visibility settings between companies either so that accounts are visible for all or limit visibility only for your own company.

  • Allow all users to see the customer listing of other companies' accounts and their basic information

  • Prevent a user from seeing another company's account information; account manager, team, account group, and tags.

  • Default account type set to accounts created in other companies

  • Share account structure for all companies

  • Share addresses with every company

Settings > Feature settings > Account - Account list management

  1. Click a toggle button to set the setting on or off.

Account type settings

You can categorize your accounts into partners, customers, prospects, sub-contractors, new business, etc. for easy segmentation and reporting purposes. Default account type is added by default for an account when the account is created.

We have by default defined your Default customer type and Sub-contractor type. Sub-contractor type comes in handy when you activate the billing feature.

Settings > Feature settings > Account - Account types

  1. Click Add account type.

  2. Enter a name for an account type.

  3. Select if an account type is default customer type, default sub-contractor or default consumer type. Select also if invoicing is allowed for an account type.

Account groups settings

You can assign an account to a specific group or a team. This helps in performance management or analysis later. An account can belong to only one account group.

Settings > Feature settings > Account - Account group

  1. Click Add account group.

  2. Enter a name for an account group.

  3. Define integration ID in case you are using any integration.

Enterprise groups settings

Enterprise group is one possibility to group your accounts for reporting purposes. You can add enterprise groups from the account settings and use them in the account list and card.

Settings > Feature settings > Account - Enterprise group

  1. Click Add enterprise group.

  2. Enter a name for an enterprise group.

The default setting for customer listing for the main unit and subunit

This section is valid only for multi-company ERP.

When you are using customer hierarchy for your account (main and sub-units), you can define what kind of account are shown on the account list. You can select to show all, main units, sub-units or accounts that doo not have relation defined.

Settings > Feature settings > Account - Customer listing for the main unit and subunit

  1. Select the desired option from the customer unit field.

Account number setting

Normally Taimer’s account numbering is automatic. If you want to define your own account numbers, e.g. when a need to use a combination of letters and numbers as an account number, you can set manual customer number setting on. This means that you need to define an account number for each account separately when an account is created.

Settings > Feature settings > Account - Account number setting

  1. Select Create manually from the account number setting section.

Extra fields for account details

If normal account fields are not enough to keep track of your accounts' information, you can define more fields for account details. Extra fields can include predefined values, free text, dates or links. Extra fields are shown in the account list and on the account card. You can also search customers based on the defined extra fields.

Settings > Feature settings > Account - Extra fields for account details

  1. Click Add field.

  2. Select a field type: text, text area, dropdown, date, radio, multiselect or link.

  3. Define information for the fields: field name and/or options.

    1. You can rearrange fields and options by clicking on the arrow icon in the beginning of the row.

  4. Click save icon in the beginning of the row.

  5. You can define if field is shown on the account details and account list, and if the field is mandatory for the users to fill in or select.

  6. If you are using HubSpot integration with Taimer, you can also give HubSpot ID for data syncing.

Import Accounts to Taimer

You can import your existing account register to Taimer. Read more about an account importing.

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