Taimer's BI-reporting tool offers advanced insights on tracked time. Users, managers, and admins can have 360° visibility into work hours tracked. You can get a complete overview of your billable and non-billable hours, view hours spent on different accounts and projects and evaluate project profitability from one place. 

Learn how to:

  • Access the hours insights feature

  • View billable and non-billable hours

  • View vacation hours and leaves

  • View the hours tracked by different users and the hourly split

  • View hours spent on different job types and project types

  • Evaluate project profitability

Plans and Permissions:

  • Plans: Free CRM, SalesCRM, PM, ERP

  • Permissions: Hours insights

How to access hours insights

The Hours Insights module will help you track billable and non-billable hours, hour-balance, leaves, and vacation. To view hours insights:

  • Navigate to the BI-reporting feature on the sidebar

  • Click on Hours insights

  • You will be directed to the Hours overview page

  • You can view the total hours tracked, the billable and non-billable hours, and the billable amount for the selected time period. 

Use the Advanced search option to filter the relevant project, account, category, etc. The Save search function allows you to save searches privately or publicly, for future use.

Insights are interactive. Click on a figure to open the slider and to dig deeper.

Hours by project invoicing type

Projects are categorized into three invoicing types to help segment tracked hours. These are:

  • Billable: When a project is marked as won, the project type will automatically be Billable. Admin users can define default billable types in settings

  • Non-billable: Projects that are in the Pipeline. Also, Internal projects are by default Non-billable

  • Vacation / Leave: You can define absence as Vacation/leave

You can get the billable, non-billable and vacation/leave hours tracked for the different months of the given time period. 

Click on figures to open the slider with detailed information about each month's tracked hours by its invoicing type.

Hours by user

You can get a detailed overview of the work hours tracked by a user for the chosen timeline. This includes:

  • Available h- Total hours available or resourced for the chosen time period

  • Tracked h-  Total hours tracked by the user during this time period. Includes, billanlöe, non-billable and Vacation/leaves

  • Non-billable h-  Hours tracked by the user for projects that are currently in the pipeline or for internal projects

  • Billable  h- Hours tracked for projects that are marked as won

  • Vacation/leave - Hours tracked to projects that are defined as Vacation/Leave

  • Hour Balance - The remaining hours available for this user. You can read more about work hour balance here

Click on the row to get a list of hours tracked for each project by this user.

Hours by Jobtype

Get a monthly overview of all the hours tracked for different job types.

  • Hover on the chart to see the hours-insights for each job type for a given month

  • Click on any job type in the table on the right to see the total hours tracked to each project for the selected job type

Hours by Account

Get an overview of all the hours tracked to an account. You can also see the percentage split of all the different accounts.

Click on a row to view the billable hours and billable amount for the selected account.

Hours by Project

Get an overview of all hours tracked by different projects and a percentage split of the hours tracked for each project.

Click on a row to view the billable hours and billable amount for the selected project.

Hourly Profitability vs. Quote Gross Profit

You can get an estimate of the hourly rates for a project in real-time. Here you can see the gross profit that you have budgeted in the sales quote and the total tracked hours for a project. The hourly rate is calculated by dividing the gross profit by tracked hours.

Hourly Rate: Gross profit divided by tracked hours

Hourly Split by Project

You can view the daily, weekly or monthly hours tracked for each project. Select % to view the percentage split for the day, week or month.

Hourly Split by User

You can view the daily, weekly or monthly hours tracked by each user. Select % to view the percentage split for the day, week or month.

Scroll to the right to see the available hours, tracked hours and hours remaining for the user.

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