In this article, we will answer the following questions

  • How can I add a new user?
  • How can I deactivate a user?
  • How to change or update user information?
  • What are user permissions and user permission groups?
  • How can I give user rights to an individual or group or team?

In order to change user details, please navigate to your profile to the right in the header. Click on Settings and choose User Management.

Plan: All
Permission: Admin

How to add a new user

  • Click the green button "Add new user".
  • From the user listing, you can see the name, email address, state, User ID, when it has been activated and much more.
  • Fill in the user information. When you have filled in all the basic user information, click Save.
  • Taimer will then send the user an email with instructions on how to sign in.

NB! If there are no user licenses available, you will have to get more licenses before adding new users.

How to deactivate a user

  • Click the ellipsis-symbol in front of the user
  • Choose Deactivate

How to change or update user information

  • Click on the ellipsis symbol in front of the username.
  • Choose 'Open'.
  • Now you are able to change user specific details.

How to create user permission groups

It is easy to manage and create user permissions within user groups. User permission groups can be diversely used in resourcing and rights management. There are many ways by which the user permission groups can be defined:

  • Administration
  • Invoicing
  • CEO
  • Managers
  • Production
  • Mechanics
  • etc.

Creating user permission groups

  • Navigate to your profile on the right
  • Click on Settings
  • Go to User Management
  • Go to User Permission Groups
  • Click on 'Add new group'
  • Give the group a name
  • Pick the users and add them to the group.

You can now give specific permissions to these groups from the 'Permissions' settings as discussed below.

How to give specific rights or permissions

In Taimer you are able to create different levels of user rights for individual users or within user groups. If you haven't created users or user groups at this stage - You should do it now by following the steps mentioned above.

How to add user rights for a user or a user group

The permissions consist of two main rights

  1. Permission to View & Edit
  2. Permission to View only

How to add rights:

  • Choose a given feature.
  • Navigate to the 'Options' tab above
  • Click on Add permissions

or simply type the name of the user or group against a given feature in the permission fields.

How to remove rights

You can remove individual rights by clicking the x next to the chosen user. You can also remove rights by using the search field, writing down the user's or group's name and then clicking on remove permissions from 'Options'. 

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