Based on the feedback that we received, the sidebar(menu) has been redesigned with a minimal feel to contrast the previous sidebar's overwhelming amount of options. In the new sidebar, you can easily navigate to specific features by clicking on each module in the sidebar.

The sidebar now has seven modules with specific features grouped under relevant modules. These are - Dashboard, Business Intelligence Reporting, Contacts, Sales, Projects, Financials and Integrations.

Old sidebar New sidebar

Accessing features from different modules

Each module in the sidebar has features that can help you manage your entire business from one place.

Please note: Some of these features may be locked depending on the plan chosen by you. To purchase these add-ons, simply click on the lock symbol next to the feature.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect from each of the modules in the new sidebar.

1. Business Intelligence Reporting Module

The BI Reporting module gives you intelligent and actionable insights on important business metrics such as business profitability, sales and project-related activities and invoicing insights(coming soon).

  • Profit and Loss - This feature will give you a quick overview of the revenue generated or loss incurred for each month. Profit & Loss is a new feature and was not available in the older version. 

  • Activities Insights - You can view all your scheduled sales and project-related activities such as calls, emails, meetings, etc. from here.

2. Contacts module

You can access all your client accounts, contacts, and your Taimer account user information from this module.

  • Accounts - You can add and view all account or customer-related information from here.

  • Contacts - Add and access all contact details from here.

  • People - You can access and add users to your Taimer account from here. In the older version, this was done by visiting the 'User Management' section in the 'Settings'. 

3. Sales module

The sales module consists of Pipelines, Product List and CPQ.

  • Pipelines- You can access all your leads and create new pipelines from the Pipelines feature. In the older version, 'Pipelines' were under the 'Leads & Deals' module.

  • Products list- You can manage and categorize your products from here.

  • CPQ- You can simplify complex product pricing and sales quoting process from here.

4. Projects module

Once the leads are marked as won, you will see them in the Projects module. In this module, you can manage:

  • Won Deals- Leads marked as won in the pipeline can be seen as won deals here.

  • Internal Projects- These are projects created for internal purposes, such as tracking your own employee hours, or managing sick leaves, vacation, etc. In the older version, 'Won Deals' and 'Internal Projects' were accessible from the 'Leads & Deals' module.

  • Boards- Collaborate with team and clients using boards and cards.

  • Time Tracking- You can track your hours and manage timesheets from here.

  • Resourcing- Manage your resources, assign tasks and track utilization from here.

5. Financials module

You can now easily access all your finances from one place. Click on Financials to access the following features:

  • Invoicing: You can create and send invoices from here.

  • Expenses: Manage expenses and reimbursements from here.

  • Travel Expenses: In the older version, this was under the Expenses feature. You can now manage all your travel expenses separately from here.

  • Bills: Create and export bills from here.

6. Integrations module

The Integrations module consists of various integrations that can help you boost your productivity and automate various complex processes.

  • Email: Create, send and manage emails from here.

  • OneDrive: Sync your Office365 with the Taimer CRM. This provides 2-way-email sync & allows to edit and share documents in Onedrive.

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