This article explains how to create and manage a purchase order for a project.

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  • Versions: Business, Enterprise

  • Requirements: Accounts rights

By adding a purchase order to the project, you can later invoice it from the customer.

Purchase orders can be created for projects directly in the project card.
Go to Facts and figures -> purchase orders -> new purchase order

How to add a purchase order

Taimer will pick automatically the details from the account and project.
By clicking on the plus, you can add rows and amount of the purchase.

After filling in the details, please don't forget to Save.

Manage your purchase orders

When purchase orders have been created and saved, they can be found in Facts & figures under the project. You can print, save as pdf-file, edit, mark as sent or decline.
By clicking on "Waiting", you get to this page where you can manage your purchase order.

After this the status of the purchase invoice will change to Sent.
By clicking on Sent, you will get the following window.

After this you can either mark it as done, decline or if you like to make changes to it, you can choose Restore to waiting status.

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