Each project automatically gets a project number when it is created. With the PR number, purchase invoices can be targeted automatically to a project.

The project number is found in the projects' basic information as well as in the project listing. Taimer will automatically create the project numbers and sign them in order, giving the next available number to the next project and so forth.

Project number from the project card

You can search for a project by writing down the project number in the search field in the project list view.

Project number from the project listing

Targeting information for electonic invoicing

Targeting purchase invoices on to a project is effortless: The PR number is
used as targeting information.

The automatic targeting of purchase invoices requires that the PR number is
fed as the reference number on the invoice. 

The supplier has to mark the PR number as the reference number so that the purchase invoice is targeted towards the right project in Taimer.

NB! The targeting information numbering is automatized in Taimer.

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