The Sales Pipeline box on your dashboard gives you the summary of the numbers of all projects. You can define and edit project statuses which gives you a perfect overview of all your projects.

In this article we will go through:

  1. The Kanban view in project listing

  2. How to move projects to other project listings

  3. Features of the project box

The admin user defines the company sales pipeline levels in the Settings sections. You are able to create five different levels per status.

For more information about defining project statuses, please click here

1. The Kanban view in project listing

You can access the projects' kanban view by clicking the small dashboard icon on the right hand side of the page 

In the example below the status Offered is divided into three different levels. Offer sent 10%, In negotiation 50% and Closing deal 90%.

It is easy for you to see how many projects there are on the level and the sum of all the projects' quotations.

One project is one box. You can move the project around between the levels. Just click on the project and move it to the desired level.

You can also choose how you want your kanban to be viewed. By customer groups, active/closed/all projects, when is the project closing and by sales agents.

You can also view values and probabilities of the projects under the status or stage. The probability percentage can be defined in the Settings.

2. Drag n drop your projects under a different status/stage

  1. Grab a project box. Drag and drop it under a different status/stage:

  • Deal Closed = Deals

  • Move to Offered = Offered

  • Move to Hold = Hold

  • Close Project = Project will be closed and inactive

2. You can close a project by dragging it on the skull-icon and drop it. 

3. By dragging and dropping a project on the thumb up-icon the project status will be Deal Closed (Deals).

3. Features of the project box

  1. Activity in a project box 

By clicking the little tick box symbol on the project card you can easily view and manage your activities considering the specific customer and project. 

  • Grey = There's no activity reminders considering this project 

  • Blue = There is an activity reminder considering this project

  • Red = There is an overdued activity reminder considering this project

2. Project team chat

  • Grey = You cannot participate this projects chats because you are not part of the project team

  • Blue = You can participate this projects chats because you are part of the project team

3. You can define a closing date for a project in the Project Information. That closing date will be shown in the project box in your kanban-view.

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