In this article we're going to show you how to add invoicing addresses and contact details to your accounts and projects. 

  • Add invoicing address to account

  • Add contact details to account

  • Add details to project

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  • Versions: Starter, Team, Business, Enterprise

  • Requirements: Accounts rights

Add invoicing address to account

First click the Edit button to add details to account. Click the green plus-icon to add Invoicing Address to account from the right side of the account card. Add all the details available, these will be later on synchronized with your upcoming projects and will be visible on the customers invoice. Adding e-invoice details means that you can choose also to send e-invoices.

Add contact details to account

Add information of the key contact person(s) of the customer. Click the green plus-icon to add the contact person's details. Add all the details available, this information will be synchronized with your Contacts module for advanced ***managing, marketing tms.

Add details to project

Choosing the correct invoicing address to each project is important, it will automatically appear upon creating an invoice. Each account can have multiple invoicing addresses.

2. You can add contact person details by clicking on the + symbol. The
contact details are not found on the list if the contact persons are not listed in
the company basic information.

3. Subcontractors: Add sub-contractor by clicking the + symbol.

4. Project team: It is wise to mark a project team for each project. Once the
project team has been gathered and registered, the team can use the team
chat to discuss any details about the project. By clicking on the lightning
symbol on the top of the project card, the chat will open up automatically. The
project team is automatically added to the chat.

NB! Taimer will automatically create a project team if there are people added
on the customers company card as a part of the account team.

5. By clicking on the ellipsis symbol you can remove information (This can be
done in the contacts, sub-contractor and project team sections)

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