Contact Taimer's customer service if you want to activate the Documents tool. Once we have activated the tool for you, go to User rights and define which users/user groups have the rights to use the Documents tool.

Once this is done, you will find the Documents tool on the project card. Start by creating a document template to which you can add the contents needed: Click the Create a template button and start dragging and dropping boxes from the right to the left.

You can create each form separately for every purpose. The Text field enables you to addpictures. You can define the document type which makes it easy for you to find it from the Documents list later on. Save the document and follow the instructions below in order to add it to a project.

You can use a ready document internally or you can send it to the customer to be filled. After you save the document, it will automatically be transferred to the Documents list on the project card.

When you start filling in the document, the fill degree will go up as you go (25, 50, 75 or 100%). You can use the document on you browser or with your Taimer application (iOS only, Android coming up soon).
You can edit and fill the document by clicking the ellipsis symbol on the left.
Once you Save changes, the fill degree will also be updated. All this can be done with the iOS application.

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