In this article we're going to show you how to get insight on how your business is doing and the performance of your team in the following areas.

  • Sales Overview

  • Hours Overview

  • Invoicing Overview

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Sales Overview - Understand the actions that drive deals to close

Get real-time analytics and insight from the sales dashboard, it that shows you key statistics like how your sales funnel is progressing, conversion to won deal, so you will always know how your business is doing.

Hours Overview - Discover what’s taking up your time

Follow up on hours made easy! The visual reports make it extremely easy to keep track of your time usage. See exactly how long each task takes, how many hours your team spends on different projects and clients and most importantly may hours you are invoicing.

Invoicing Overview - Put your invoicing on autopilot

With instant numbers anytime, anywhere, gain powerful insights into your income and expenditure. Also get to know how much scheduled invoicing you have coming and overdue. Taimer helps you understand and track your team’s hours and sales performance. Invoice hours, reimburse expenses, scheduled invoicing and more - in just a few clicks!


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