Accounting Software Integrations 

With Taimer you can run your business hand in hand with many different accounting software solutions. Send invoices and expenses with the click of a button! Read more

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Save time with e-invoicing and scanning services

Avoid the extra work phases and save time! Send and receive both paper and electronic invoices. Paper invoices sent from Taimer are printed, enveloped and mailed on your behalf. Taimer also offers e-invoicing for incoming and outgoing invoices.

  • Saves time and money

  • No more hassle with paper invoices

  • Send and receive paper invoices through Maventa

  • Send and receive e-invoices

  • Transfer sales invoices conveniently to your financial administration software

Sales Automation

With intelligent Sales Automation you know who is visiting your website. It shows you the visitor companies from which Taimer automates the customer creation directly in to your Accounts. The customer card will show you when, where, and for how long the potential lead visited your website. Can sales lead generation get any easier?

Acquiring good sales leads is not easy. A lot of potential customers visit your website, but 98 % of them do not leave their contact details. Leadfeeder helps you to identify companies that might be interested in doing business with you. The Leadfeeder tool is designed for B2B companies. The Leadfeeder add-on enables you to contact potential customers that could otherwise go unnoticed.

  • A powerful tool for generating sales leads

  • Brings the information of potential customers to your Taimer app with just a click of a button

  • Taimer automatically generates files with information on potential customers based on data from Leadfeeder


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