You can create a specific hour price list for an individual project.

  1. Create a new Hour price list by clicking Edit 

  2. Import the customers hour price list from the account card by clicking the Import hour price list button (Accounts -> Account name -> Hour price list). The hour price list is imported from the accounts information.

  3. Import your company's default hour price list by clicking the Import default price list.
    The default pricel ist has to be set in your company's settings.

How to create a default hour price list in Taimer Settings

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Choose Hour price list

  3. Choose Edit

1.Add users (Name and hourly rate)

2. Add a title (Title name and hourly rate)
NB! Title groups have to be created in the Settings tab: Users and user groups -> User
groups -> Professional title)

3. Add a job type (Job type name and hourly rate)

4. Save changes.

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