The features and functions of the resourcing calendar 

  • Project timeline: The view of the resourcing calendar based on the start and end dates of the project

  • This week: The current week's calendar view

  • 2 weeks ahead: Calendar view of two weeks ahed from the current day

  • Timespan search field: You can feed in the wished timespan

  • Headline: The view of the Resourcing calendar based on headlines

  • Users: The view of the Resourcing calendar based on user tasks

  • Day: Daily view of the Resourcing calendar

  • Week: Weekly view of the Resourcing calendar

  • To-Do: A view of all tasks

  • Reminders: A view of all reminders

  • Completed: A view of all completed tasks

  • Not resourced hours: A view of all hours not resourced

  • Add a task: Click new resource and create a task for the project

  • New topic: Create a headline for the project 

Create headlines and tasks for the project

Task = A work task that has the duration of over 24hrs

Subtask = A work task that has the duration of a single work day

Reminder = Create reminders for the project

1. How to add a headline for the project 

Give headlines to task entities. The headlines are only shown on the project card. 

  1. Choose Add New topic

  2. Name the headline, fill in the timeline and hours. Remember to Save the changes.

2. How to add a task, a subtask or a reminder for the project in the Resourcing calendar

You can create tasks, subtasks and reminders by clicking the New resource button.

  1. Choose Add a task

  2. Choose either Task, Subtask or Reminder

  3. Fill in the fields and click Save. 

How to consider your holiday season in Resourcing

  • Get better Availability insight by resourcing your holiday seasons too

  • First, add a new Internal Project to your Taimer and select "Absent project" as your Invoicing status 

  • Then add a Work Phase for that Internal Project and define it for the correct employee. When doing some future resourcing the next time you'll know that the particular employee is absent at that period of time. 

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