In the Actual costs section you are able to follow up on the project's actualized costs,
invoicing and project margin.


  • Hour entries (Own work)

  • Travel and other expenses (Travel expenses)

  • Purchase orders targeted towards the project (Subcontracting)


  • Sales invoices that have been sent out

Cost estimate

  • Costs can be targeted under headlines defined in the cost estimate. This makes the cost follow up more efficient and specific.


IF you don't want to target the costs or follow up on them on the headline levels based on the cost estimate, you can easily hide the Cost estimate section in Settings: Settings -> Program Settings ->  Module Specific Settings.

Project reports:

  • On the left hand side of the Actual costs section you can print out / save project reports.

  • The hour report is behind the Document symbol

  • The comrehensive project report is behind the bar chart symbol

  • You can hide the hour prices from the Actual Costs section by clicking the
    Show/Hide hour prices button.

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