Invoicing status for a project

Only ongoing projects can be invoiced ( not projects in Internal, Offered and hold status).
The invoicing status in the project's information updates when you change the status of the project.

  • When the project is Lead, Offered or Hold, the invoicing status is automatically set to Not invoiceable.

  • The project is in invoicable status when the project's status is changed to Ongoing. Also the invoice hours and invoice expenses and invoice subcontracting tabs are automatically activated.

There are three options in the invoicing status dropdown

  1. Not invoiceable: Projects in Internal, Opportunity, Offered and Hold status

  2.  Invoicing: Projects in Ongoing state

  3. Abscene: Projects in ie. Internal state. This is the right invoicing status for example vacations.       

More precise invoicing methods can be created for a project when the invoicing status is set to Invoicable

  • Hours are invoiced: The project is invoiced based on hours

  • Scheduled payments are invoiced: The project is invoiced based on an agreed price

  • Travel expenses are invoiced: Travel and other expense reports targeted towards the project are invoiced

  • Quotations are invoiced: The invoice can be created directly from the Quotations section

  • Subcontracts are invoiced

Creating an invoice from the quotation

An invoice can be created directly from the quotation when the invoice quote tab is activated (blue) on the project card. The Create an invoice button is also activated in the Quotations section when the tab is active.


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