In this article we are going to show you the following:

  • Define how you wish to invoice your project (services, hours, expenses)

  • How to create an invoice from invoiceable project material (hours, expenses & scheduled invoicing)

  • How to customise your invoice rows, to suit your needs.

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  • Requirements: Sales invoices rights, projects,travel expenses

Defining how to invoice your project

  1. First, make sure your project is set to Deals -status (sold) > Taimer will automatically set your project invoicing status to Invoiceable project

  2. Then, define how the project should be invoiced (hours, expenses, scheduled invoice)

  3. Click and activate desired tabs/levers. You can even define, from which date onwards the material is invoiceable and to be shown when creating invoice

  4. When you start invoicing, those materials will be enable to be collected to your final invoice.


  • Status Deals: defines a project as won/sold and automatically turns to invoiceable

  • Invoicing status: can be Not invoicable project or Invoiceable

  • Invoice hours from: Define date from which day onwards you want to invoice hours to be shown on invoice

  • Scheduled/Recurring invoicing: Define rows with description, dates and sums to be invoiced

  • Invoice expenses: Approved expenses targeted to project will be shown on in invoicing material

  • Buyer reference: added details will be shown when creating invoice

Creating an invoice from invoicing material; hours, expenses and
scheduled invoicing

  1. Choose invoicing type Create with invoicing material 

  2. Choose invoicing period

  3. Choose customer to invoice

  4. Customers project(s) to invoice


  • Invoice type: "Create with invoicing material" means Taimer will show you all customer projects defined as type invoiceable and that have hours, expenses and or scheduled invoices added to projects

  • Invoicing period: define which periods material you wish to invoice. Taimer will automatically sort and only show customer projects that have invoicing material within chosen dates

  • Customer to be invoiced: choose whom you wish to invoice

  • Project: projects with invoicing materials will automatically be shown, choose project(s) to invoice 

How to use the invoicing material feature

  • Open Invoicing material module

  • De-activate rows, you don't wish to invoice

  • Define how you wish the row descriptions to be presented on the invoice

  • Click Update invoice rows

  • NB! De-activating invoice rows, in the invoicing material module, will not delete the rows. They will be visible when creating the next invoice, within the same period


  • Invoice material: De-activte and define, how and what you wish to invoice from the chosen period. You can also easily edit the content of your final invoicing rows.

  • Generate rows: Test different options to learn how you can automatically customise the rows and descriptions on the invoice.

  • Save: To continue and print


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