Overview hours in real-time, project progress clearly visualised

Easy Resource Scheduling

You can create, assign and edit tasks

  • Resource scheduling in project card and in the main dashboard view

  • Assign tasks to team mates

  • One task can be assigned to multiple users

  • Add, edit, move & delete bookings in seconds

  • Monitor utilization rates in realtime

Track Hours to assigned tasks

Combine tracking hours to resourced tasks, for ultimate realtime visibility 

  • Track hours to projects and tasks, to get realtime utlization 

  • Track hours with start/stop timer and by drawing

  • Create jobtypes with hourly rates, to easily invoice hours

  • Tracking hours for salaried employees

  • Track hours on desktop, laptop and smartphones

Overview of tracked hours, in real-time. 

Project progress clearly visualised

  • Hours overview

  • Timely project completion within the set budget

  • Realtime visibility on resourced and tracked hours

  • Invoicing details and financials

  • Utilization across all teams

  • Superboost team collaboration

Track Hours on smartphone, iOS and Android native apps 

Download iOS here
Download Android here

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