In order for you to get started you need to add new users, usergroups and give them user rights.

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  • Versions: Starter, Team, Business, Enterprise

  • Requirements: Admin rights

1. How to add new user 

Go to Settings -> Users and user groups - > User rights -> Add a user

The admin user can add a new user in the User rights tab

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Choose Users and user groups

  3. Choose User list

  4. Click on the Add user button and feed User details

  5. Click Save

The admin then send the user the following information via email:

  • The login link to Taimer

  • Username

  • Password

2. How to add user groups


( Settings -> Users and user groups -> User groups )

It is easy to create and manage user rights in the User groups tab

  1. Create user groups by first clicking on the Edit button and then on the Add group button

  2. Give the group a name by writing it in the empty field

  3. Choose the users and add them into the group

  4. Click save.

3. How to add user rights to users/user groups

( Settings -> Users and user groups -> user rights )

  1. Click on the Edit button.

  2. Choose the user/user groups by writing their names into the search field.

  3. By clicking the green dot you can activate all rights. You can also select individual rights by ticking box next to the user rights.

  4. By clicking the Add chosen rights button you will add the chosen rights to the chosen user / user group

  5. Click Save.

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