This article explains how to set up your user and company information and settings.
We encourage you to fill in the following information in the Settings tab before you start using Taimer. 

  • My Profile

  • Program Settings

  • Company information

  • Hour price list

  • Tags and classifications

Article classification

  • Versions: Starter, Team, Business, Enterprise

  • Requirements: user and admin rights ( for program and company information)

Your profile

 ( Settings -> My user settings -> My profile )

  1. Choose your calendar start and times.

  2. Pick the language you want to use Taimer in. You can use Taimer in English, Swedish or Finnish.

  3. Fill in your email address. Without registering an email address you are unable to receive for example calendar invites.

  4. Download a profile picture. You can change and edit it anytime.

Program Settings 

( Settings -> Program settings)

  1. Set up your Module Specific rights (ie Time tracker and sales invoices attributes)

  2. Edit Account groups and names to suit you needs. N.B.! Groups lead, Partner, Cold and Account are default groups in Taimer. If you are happy with these groups, there are no need to make changes. You can create groups and edit group names later on. 

  3. Project card basic info extra fields

  4. Set up your country's Mileage attributes. 

  5. Define Payment types to suit your company's needs

  6. Feed in you country's Daily allowance attributes. 

  7. If there are differences in Midweek holiday pay in your country,define the right attributes. 

  8. Project types

  9. Contact status

  10. Project category

Your company information

  1. Set up Module specific rights, for example how calendar events and invoicing are handled in your company.

  2. Taimer needs to know your Address details for the purpose of invoicing. This is also from where you can choose your currency.

  3. You can change your company Logo and define whether it is added in prints such as cost estimates and covert letters or on top of your Taimer front page.

  4. You can give information for up to two Bank Accounts. At least one default account has to be fed to the system in order for the invoicing to run smoothly.

  5. You can define your stages for different project statuses

  6. From company information you also decide what activity type you want as default

Hour price list

  1. User based pricing: You can price your employees' hourly work individually.

  2. Job type prices: Price your services based on the job type. Job types can be for example installing, production, customer service, project management and so forth.

Tags and classifications

  1. Create Tags for customers / accounts and projects

  2. Create different Branches of Business in order to get a more in dept reports for hour usage in your company.

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