You can send out electronic invoices, email invoices and old fashioned paper invoices in Taimer. To start using the electronic invoices, you have to have partnered up with a billing operator such as Maventa or Ropo Capital. The admin user is able to activate electronic billing in the settings, and once that is done you are good to go and start sending those e-invoices out to your customers. 

NB! Make sure that all the electronic invoicing information is feeded to the company's invoicing details. 

How to send out electronic sales invoices

  1. Create Sales invoice(s)

  2. Bookmark the invoice(s) you want to send out as electronic invoices

  3. Click on the Print/Export button

  4. Choose either Send Maventa or Send Ropo Capital

The invoice will no automatically turn into light green ("Sent") which means that the invoice has now been sent succesfully. After your very first electronic invoices, go to your billing operator's site so check that they have been sent out succesfully. 

The lightning symbol on the sales invoice row marks that the company has electronic invoice details added and the invoices go out electronically.

NB! If the company doesn't have these details, the invoice will go out as a paper invoice.

Click here to check out Maventa's character limitations

NB! Remember to agree on the way to forward your sales invoices to your accountant! 

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