In Taimer you can comprehensively manage your company's purchase ledger: The accepted, waiting and paid purchase invoices are all there under your eyes

You can

  • recycle purchase invoices

  • pre-approve, approve, reject and archive purchase invoices

  • print and save purchase invoices for accounting

How to create a purchase invoice manually

  1. Choose Purchase invoices from the blue sidebar

  2. Click on New purchase invoice

  3. Fill in the empty purchase invoice template and click Create

Fill the things/services bought in the Bill rows section.

The new purchase invoice has now been saved under the Waiting tab on the Purchase invoice list. It is now raedy for your approval. 

Targeting and approving

To make the purchase invoice a part of the project's expense structure, you have to target it. You can either target the whole purchase invoice under one project/account or share it with multiple projects/accounts. By clicking on the Edit invoice button you are able to target the invoice(s).

Choose the right account, project, possible cost estimate headline you want to target the purchase invoice and define the percentage of the cost each project will take. 

In the example below, a purchase invoice of 50 euros will be divided as half between two Matin Oma Demo company's projects. The changes are saved by clicking Save.

Next the purchase invoice is accepted and it becomes a part of the projects' expenses. 


You can not pay off purchase invoices in Taimer. You can do it in your online banking system by using a virtual barcode. Taimer creates a unique barcode for each purchase invoice and these are easily imported to your online banking system by simply copying and pasting them when paying off invoices. 

Pro tip! Open Taimer in one tab and your online banking in the other. By switching between the two tabs your purchase invoices will be surely paid fo and above all, safely. 

Receiving electronic purchase invoices

You can receive all purchase invoices into Taimer. By using Maventa you can easily make paper invoices the past. 

When you receive a new purchase invoice, it appears in your Notifications box on the user front page. Purchase invoices can be directed to specific users and targeted to different projects whick makes your office life easier. 

Each project has a target number based on which the purchase invoice targets itself. Just reference the invoice with the project's PR number and the invoice is automatically targeted to the right project.

How to get electronic purchase invoices to your Taimer?

You have to activate the Receive invoices tab in Maventa in order to get your invoices electronically to Taimer. 

How to import your paper invoices to Taimer as electronic invoices?

You have to activate the scanning service in Maventa to scan your invoices. 

Once you've received electronic purchase invoices you can start the process from the Targeting and approving stage of this instruction.

Colour coding in Taimer makes managing the purchase invoices easier

Waiting = White = Waiting for action

Pre-Approved = Light green = Purchase invoice has been pre-approved

Approved = Green =  Purchase invoice has been approved

Rejected = Red =  Purchase invoice has been rejected

To payment = Light yellow =  Purchase invoice can now be paid

Archived = Yellow =  Purchase invoice has been archived

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