Functions in the contacts module

  1. By using the "Search all fields" tool, you can conduct a search based on i.e. first or last name, company name, title or position. 

  2. New contact -button = Add a new contact

Create email list = Create a new email list 

Functions = Manage your email lists (Add a contact to an email list, delete a contact from an email list, delete an email list, add tags) NB! "The Delete email list" option is active only when no contacts have been chosen from the list.

3. Choose who you want to manage: Contacts or Users (Staff).

4. Click on the green dot if you want to activate all the names on your contact list.

5. "Choose email list" dropdown menu shows all the excisting email lists. You can manage a specific email list by choosing it from the dropdown menu.

6. The dashboard icon lets you manage which information is shown on your contact and user lists.

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