Newsfeed, project messages and group messages - Now all in Taimer's Teamchat. 

We have combined three important communication channels into one easy-to-use tool. 

On your Dashboard you'll find a Teamchat box in which you can communicate effortlessly with your project team or manually created groups. The admin user defines the user rights to Teamchat in the Settings tab. 


The News tab can be used as a newsfeed and bulletin board for the whole organization. You can add text and pictures on the newsfeed and comment on other users' feed in addition to yours. You can edit and remove your own feeds. By scrolling down you are able to browse the newsfeed history.


Automatized project chats: Projects appear under the Projects tab automatically once the project is created and you have made a project team member. The projects disappear automatially once the project is locked. This means you will see from the project list when you have been added to a project team.

LATEST: The latest chats in chronological order. The red dot and number shows how many unread messages you have. The blue icon shows the project team members and under it you are able to add and remove users to/from the project team. 

PROJECTS: All your projects listed. You can see the customer, project name and how many threads there are under a project. By clikcin on the row the thread opens.


Creating discussion groups is as effortless as can be: Just choose the users and name the group. By clicking on the X symbol you will remove yourself from the group. The discussions are in chronological order, the lates being on the top of the list.

Teamchat on the project card 

Teamchat operates throughout the whole program. When the lightining symbol is seen on the top roght corner, you can open the teamchat pop up window by clicking on the symbol. You can also quicky see and add users by clicking the blue group symbol. 

Detach Teamchat as its own window

If you want to detach the teamchat box into its own window, it can be easily done by clicking the windows symbol. 

When a message is sent to Teamchat, the separate pop up window wiggles and draws the user's attention. Please notice that the teamchat window is moved to a new tab is the window is in full screen state. 

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