The My Workflow box gathers all tasks, subtasks, and project reminders into one. 

ALL= All tasks, subtasks and reminders
WORKPHASE = All of your own tasks
DEADLINE = All of the upcoming task deadlines
REMINDER = All of the reminders

1. The colour box nest to the task name shows if the task's deadline is yet to come or whether it is past due. The number in the box shows the days left until deadline. If the number is negative it means the task is past due as many days (ie. -3)

RED = The task is past due or has to be done today
YELLOW = The task is marked to be done within the next five days
GREY = The task's deadline is in six days at the earliest

2. The time tells you that the task is actually a subtask (A subtask is a smaller task to be done during the work day) and when it should be done. The number under the time shows how many hours have been resourced for the task. 

3. The numbers on the task line show a) how many hours have been used for the task so far and b) how many hours have been resourced for the task altogether. 

NB! More than one user can be a part of a task. The re colour indicates that the amount of resourced hours has been exceeded. 

TIP: By clicking the colour box you can

  • Mark the task as done

  • Mark the subtask as done and register hours

  • Mark the reminder as done 

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