You can make calendar and time entries in the dasfboard's calendar box. The Calendar box has three features: Calendar, Timetracker and Teamchat. Blue colour ndicates which feature is active. 

Calendar and Timetracker

You can make a calendar or a time entry in the calendar by drawing on it:

  1. Click on the calendar and move your cursor downwards

  2. Click again and a time entry box pops up

You can also register work time by clicking the Taimer clock on the top of the page. Click it once, and the clock starts registering work time. When you're done for the day, click the clock again and the clock stops. A time entry box pops up and you are able to target the hours towards the right project.


You can detach the Teamchat from the Calendar box into its own box:

  1. Choose Teamchat

  2. Click on the grey arrow symbol and a new Teamchat box opens. To restore the Teamchat back to a part of the Calendar box, just click the arrow again. 

  3. TIP: By clicking the blue double box icon on the left top corner, the Teamchat opens as a separate pop up window. This pop up will wiggle when a new message is received. You can also get message notifications on your screen, just check your browser's notification settings that the function is activated. 

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