In this article we're going to show you how to follow up on reminders, so that you can make sure that things really are getting done. We are going to go through the following:

  • Overview of team activities

  • Create a new activity in the activities box

  • Activities settings

  • The Dashboard Activity Box

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  • Versions: Team, Business, Enterprise

  • Requirements: activities - edit rights

Overview of your teams activities, all in one place

Go to dashboard and in your header you will find the Overview -button.
Here you can manage all you company activities, filter by user, type or status to get detailed visibility.

How to create a new activity in the Activities box 

  • Click on green plus icon

  • Choose account and/or project

  • Choose contact person to target specific person

  • Define user in your company to assign activity too

  • Define reminder date

  • Write choose activity type from icons

  • Write description

  • Save

Activities - Settings 

Define key activities in your company that you wish to follow up on. This is can easily be done in the Settings tab (Settings -> Your Company Information -> Activity type)

Dashboard Activity Box

The Activities box works as an ingenious log of what has been agreed and done and what needs to be done next. Create activities and assign reminders to team members.

ALL = shows all your activities
CUSTOMER = All of your activities created on the account card
PROJECT = All of your activities created on the project card 

See which activities are due and overdue, change due date by clicking on "days", edit activity by clicking on dot-icon.

Edit activity by clicking on dotted icon

Once you have marked the activity done, it will disappear from the Activies box.


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