How to synchronize Office365 calendar with Taimer 

The synchronization is done in My User Settings: Click on your own name on top of the blue bar and choose My User Settings. 

Read the following info before syncing your Office365 calendar with Taimer

  • One Taimer calender can be synced with one Office365 calendar

  • Taimer's main calender (office) can be synced in the settings tab: Settings -> My user settings -> Office 365 calendar 

  • Use the Calendar module to sync your excisting calendars 

  • If the synchronization is done for example on 12/30/2017, the Taimer calendar retrieves entries from the Office365 calendar starting from that day.

  • If there are personal entires on the Office365 calendar, these entries will automatically sync with the Taimer calendar. Start by creating a personal Taimer calendar and then sync the Office365 calender with it. 

  • Entries that have a duration longer that 24 hours will not sync with Taimer. 

How to activate the Office365 calendar

  1. The activation is done under the Settings tab: Settings -> My user settings -> Office36 calendar -> Activate. 

  2. By clicking on the Activate button, you will be automatically trasferred to Office365's login page. If you have already logged in, you will be trasferred to the next step. 

  3. Choose Taimer's office calender to which you want the Office365 calendar to be sychronized with. 

NB! If the program send out an error message, try erasing your browser's cache data and try again.

How to create a new Taimer calendar and sychronize it with Office365

Syncing more than one calendar with Taimer is done in the Calendar module

  1. Create a new calendar or click on an existing calendar on the list

  2. There's an "Office365" option in the edit box. Choose the preferred calendar from the Office365 drop down and click Export entries

  3. Click Save to save the changes. 

NB! Taimer's Office calender is shared with all the users. If you sync your personal calendar with the Office calendar, your entries will be visible to all. Create a personal calendar on Taimer and connect that with your personal Office365 calendar. 

Repeated Office365 calendar entries 

In Taimer you can create entries that are repeated 

  • Once a week (i.e. every tuesday at 9 am)

  • Once a month (i.e. on the 21st of each month)

  • Once a year (i.e. on February 2nd every year)

The repeated entries made in Office365 only support the examples presented above. 

Important information in a nutshell

  • The delay between Office365 and Taimer is about 15 minutes

  • Taimer sees repeated entries as an entity - If you delete one repeated entry, Taimer will automatically delete all the entries.

  • If the program sends out an error message, erase your browser's cache data and try again. 

  • When you activate your Office365 calender, only the entries made on or after the date of activation will be synced with Taimer. Entries done before the activation date will not be synced. 

  • Entries with the duration of over 24 hours will not be synced with Taimer.

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