You can easily synchronize Taimer's main (=office) calendar with your Google calendar.

The synchronization is done in My User Settings: Click on your own name on top of the blue bar and choose My User Settings. 

Read the following info before syncing your Google calendar with Taimer:

  • One Taimer calender can be synced with one Google calendar

  • Taimer's main calender (office) can be synced in the settings tab: Settings -> My user settings -> Google calendar 

  • Use the Calendar module to sync your excisting calendars 

  • If you create entries in your Google calendar, the following entries will not be synced with Taimer:

- Entries that are over 24 hours in duration

- Entries that don't support Taimer's repetition cycle (once a week, once a month,
once a year)

How to activate the Google calendar

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on My user settings

  3. Click on Google calender 


  5. Accept Google's Terms of Use by clicking on Allow

  6. Copy the code Google gives you (i.e.4/qB0HPgzYHrpPd4W3A2U1t2W6JLxjHeLVD1zOI8R)

  7. Paste the code to Taimer's Activation code field and clickActivate. 

  8. Choose Edit.

  9. Choose the Google calender you wish to sync with Taimer's office calendar and click on "Export entries to Google calendar".

How to creare a new Taimer calendar and synchronize it with a Google

  1. Create a new calendar or click on an existing calendar on the list

  2. There's an "Google" option in the edit box. Choose the preferred calendar from the Google drop down and click Export entries

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