My User Settings 

The user finds the rights settings tab by clickin their name on the left top corner of the page. The user with admin rights can access My User Settings also by clicking on the cog wheel symbol in the left bottom corner of the page. 

Change password

  • If the user has been given a predestined password along with their username via email, it is wise to change the password when logging in for the first time.

  • Taimer also highly recommends updating passwords regurlarly. 

Choose My Profile from the My Personal Settings tab:

  • Calendar start and end time: Choose the dates for your Taimer calender view. 

  • Language: You can choose your preferred language. You can use Taimer in Finnish, in English in Lithuanian, or in Swedish. 

  • Email: Add your email address. You have to have added one in order to receive for example calendar invites. 

  • Profile picture: Add and edit your profile picture. 

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