One of Taimer's features is the product register which has to be activated in the Settings tab. After this is done, user rights are given for the register and you can start listing the products. 

1. How to activate the product register

The product register is activated in the Settings tab. (Settings -> Licences and add-ons -> Edit -> Activate the product register tab -> Save. 

2. Product register rights

  • Once the product register is activated, users are given rights to it in the User rights tab: Users and user groups -> User rights -> Edit > You will find the Product register in the bottom of the page. 

  • Fill in the name of the user in the empty field and click Save. 

  • When the page is refreshed, Product register appears in the blue side bar. 

3. Listing products in Taimer

Step 1: Settings -> Product register

Step 2: Add product groups

  • Firstly you feed in the main categories such as minor utensils

  • By clicking on the Add button, new rows appear

  • Remember to Save all changes. 

Step 3: Add product names

  • Secondly you feed in products under the product groups, such as "a screw"

  • Now once you've clicked Save, a new product group appears with product names under it. 

Step 4: Feed products to Taimer

  • Once you've registered product groups and product names in the Settings tab, you can start registering products. This happens in the Product register tab.

  • Choose the products in the blue dashboard bar

  • Click the Edit product register button and product rows can be added. Start with a product code and move on to product name, purchase price, sale price etc. Save all changes. 

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