The admin user can add and remove licences, add users and manage add-ons in the Settings tab (Settings -> Licences and add-ons -> User amount and add-ons)

Manage licences, users and add-ons

  1. Licence management: In the example below, there are 12 active users and 24 Taimer licences bought. The invoicing is made based on the amount of licences. If you want to change the amount of licences into 12, write it on the field and save changes. 

  2. Add a new user by clicking on the Add user button. This button is active if you have unused licences and if you don't, up the licence amount in the field next to the user amount. 

  3. Taimer shows the current billing amount and what will be the new amount after the change in licences. This makes it easy for you to check the monthly billing amount. 

  4. When a tab is blue it means it is active. 

  5. In the price -column you'll see the price per user. 

  6. Remember to save all changes. 

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