Taimer lets you to take advantage of Googles cloud service Google Drive. Google Drive can be synced with Taimer so that all attachment in Taimer will automatically be transferred to Google Drive. 

Taimer and Google Drive

Google Drive gives you versatile possibilities in material management. Attachments can be managed 

  1. In Taimer

  2. In Google Drive Online

  3. In your own computers files. This requires you to synchronize your computer with Google Drive. Read more on Google Drives homepage. 

How to synchronize Google Drive with Taimer

During the first synchronization Taimer will automatically created three folders on your Google Drive account. Subfolder will automatically be created simultaneously when new information is added in Taimer. The folder structure is as follows

  • Customers (Taimer)

  • Purchase invoices (Taimer)

  • Sales invoices (Taimer)

Taimer created folders on Google Drive in two ways:

  1. An attachment is saved to an account or project card in Taimer

  2. You can click a Create a folder in Google Drive button on the account or project card.

Purchase invoices, sales invoices, expense and travel expense reports work exactly in the same way. Once an attachment is added, Taimer automatically created a folder in Google Drive. An example of this folder structure can be found in the bottom of this page. 

How to activate Google Drive

The admin user first synchronizes Taimer with Google Drive and then the other users synchronize their own Taimer user profiles. 

Step 1 (Made in Google Drive): Create a Google Drive file which is synchronized with Taimer (Step 4)

Step 2 (Made in Google Drive): Share the folder first made in Google Drive with other users and give them rights to it. 

Step 3 (Made in Taimer): Taimer's admin user synchronizes Taimer with Google Drive in the Settings tab:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Choose Google Drive

  3. Click the Authenticate here button and feed the activation code. 

Step 4 (Made in Taimer): Choose the Google Drive folder you want to synchronize your Taimer with (This being the folder created in Step 1)

Step 5 (Made in Taimer): Let other users know that the synchronization is now been done so that other users can activate their own profiles in Google Drive. This happens in Settings -> Google Drive (NB! This is only possible if step 2 is done) 

NB! Read the information below

  • If the connection between Google Drive and Taimer is offline, contact our customer service. 

  • If you make changes into or delete folders created by Taimer, you will lose all targeted information

  • You can edit the folder names in Google Drive

  • You can created new folders within the folder structure created by Taimer

  • The size limit of the attachment file in 26MB

  • You CAN NOT delete files saved by other users via Taimer. This has to happen in Google Drive (This function is defined by Google Drive)

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