If you want to change the work hour balance start date on a user/users with a specific balance, Taimer helps you with an easy procedure

  1. Write down users work hour balance

  2. In user settings change the work hour balance date

  3. Taimer sets the work hour balance based on the date you fed the system.

  4. Go to Settings -> Admin Tools -> Work hours balance management

  5. If the users work hour balance is -7,5hrs on the start date and his/hers balance was +25hrs before, you write -32,5hrs on the work hour balance (= the user’s work hour balance is 25hrs on the chosen date)

The mathematical formula:

-7,5x1 = 7,5hrs

7,5+25 = 32,5hrs

Why use a negative value in the tool? The work hour balance management tool is primarily meant for subtracting the work hour balance. This is the situation when overtime is paid as wages. In reverse, we can exploit the formula with a negative value which then increases the balance. 

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