The admin user has the rights to delete invoices and reset them to waiting mode 

Read the information below before you delete invoices 

  • If you delete the last invoice, Taimer automatically keeps on numbering the invoices  orderly

  • If you delete an invoice from the list which is not the last one, this invoice number is permanently deleted. Remember to notify your financial manager about this. 

  • Instead of deleting the invoice, you can create a credit note which then cancels the original invoice

  • The work hours billed in the deleted invoice will not automatically appear in the system as unbilled hours.

Deleting and resetting invoices to waiting mode is done in the Settings tab

  1. Open the settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon on the bottom of the blue sidebar. 

  2. Click on Admin tools

  3. Click on Manage invoices

  4. Reset invoice to waiting mode by feeding the invoice number and click Revert

  5. Delete invoice by feeding the invoice number and click Delete 

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