This article explains how to import accounts to Taimer. With accounts we mean Company.

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  • Versions: Starter, Team, Business, Enterprise

  • Requirements: Admin rights

In Taimer, the following groups are set as default: Lead, Partner, Cold and Customer. If this grouping works for you, there's no need to edit the account group settings. If you want to edit the existing groups or add groups, the admin user has the rights to do so in the Settings tab.

How to create and edit account groups

  1. Click on cogwheel icon on the bottom of the blue bar to open up the Settings. 

  2. Open the Program settings dropdown.

  3. Click on Account groups and names

  4. Click on Edit, make the necessary changes and save changes. 

You can import account information in the Settings tab: Settings -> Admin tools -> Accounts import

How to import account information - the three steps 

  1. Read through the directions closely and act by them, 

  2. Feed the account information to an Excel file as instructed 

  3. Download the Excel file(s) to Taimer by clicking on the Browse button. 

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