There are two ways to manage the work hour balance

  1. By using the Work hours management tool (Settings -> Admin tools -> Work hours balance management)

  2. By editing user information (Settings -> Users and groups -> User list)

The Work hours management tool enables you to search work hour balance by users. Just write down the desired timespan, user name and click Search. 

By clicking the Edit button, you are able to manage user work hour balance (i.e. add and remove work hours)

Manage work hour balance by using the Work hours balance management tool

  1. Open the tool in the Settings tab (Settings -> Admin tools -> Work hours balance management)

  2. Fill in the date(s) you want to make changes in.

  3. Hours: Add the correct hours.

  4. User: Choose the user whose work hours you want to fix. 


  • If you want to add 10 work hours, you have to use a negative value of -10.

  • If you want to remove 10 hours, you have to use a positive value of 10. 

The work hour balance report helps you to stay up to date on the work hour balances (Reports -> Hour reports -> Hour balance)

Manage work hour balance by editing user information

  1. Add the start date in user information.

  2. From this start date onwards Taimer will start to record the user's work hour balance. 

  3. Starting from the date fed, the user has to start clocking in and out on Taimer. 

NB! Any work hour registrations made before the first date of work hour balance recording has started will not be included in the work hour balance.

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