A user can be granted rights to see and/or edit other users' hour markings and hour balances. The admin user can give these rights in the Settings tab. 

In the example above Management and Matti Meikäläinen is able to see everyone's hour markings and hour balances. Management has also to right to edit all users timer entries. The admin user can set these rights in the Settings tab.

  • You can choose whether the markings are shown in the calendar based on the user colour or the project colour.

  • Remove the user from sight by clicking on the coloured box on the left hand side of the user's name. 

  • Choose a user from the dropdown and click on the plus symbol. The user's markings will no appear on the time tracker calendar. 

  • The number following the user's name is the user's hour balance. 

  • The users in the Management user group are also able to edit other users' hour 

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