In Taimer, it is typical to customise user rights between users and user groups. Below is an example which shows how user rights are restricted to only time entry modification. The point of this example is to demonstare the user right logic in Taimer and to help you to understand the difference between constricted and broad user rights. 

User rights are found under the Settings tab, which is opened by clicking the cogwheel symbol in the blue sidebar.
Settings -> Users and user groups -> User rights)

As you can see, the user group Management is granted with broad, all areas accessing rights. The list is the same all the way down. Let's assume the user group Management is consisted of three users (people): Partner/CEO, financial manager and project manager. The organisation is about to hire their first employee who they do not wish to see all the information in Taimer except for the projects he has been marked as a project team member. The project team is designated on the project card in the Contacts tab. 

Let's grant Tim Timetracker the rights to make time entries which requires that he can focus the work hours to the projects he has been resourced as a part of. Therefore he has to be granted the reading rights to the projects as well. In Taimer there is a built-in user group Project team which is the first user rights group for the project team.

Now Tim Timetracker has the right to make time entries...

... And as a member of the project team he also has the right to target work hours on to the project he is working on. 

Click on the Save button on the top of the User rights menu to make the changes come into effect. 

If you wish Tim to have the rights to make time entries on projects he is not designated as a team member, this is done by giving him the personal rights to the whole Project module. This grants him the rights to see all the projects the organisation is working on. 

Remember to click Save to save all the changes. 

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