• Log in alternative: Choose the way people sign in Taimer (Log in alternative -> Username or Abbreviation. The list shows all the users within the organisation and asks for passwords. When username is chosen to be the log in alternative, the user can save the password into his or hers browser so the log in happens automatically. 

  • Automatic log out: After how many seconds does Taimer automatically log the user out. The default setting is 2700seconds (2hrs)


If you have activated the Turn a calender entry into an hour entry tab you can directly make a calendar entry into an hour entry. 

  1. Choose Calendar

  2. Choose the calendar entry you wish to make an hour entry of 

  3. Click on Make an hour entry


  • Work hours / day: Define the hours of a full work day, eg. 7,5

  • Daily flextime hours until. (overtime hours after this): Define thehe maximum work hours per day, eg. 12

  • Hour balance: Hour balance can be counted from all registrations, only from the current month or periodically. 

  • Accuracy of entries in calendar (minutes): This setting is to define how precisely entries are shown in calendar. 

Sales invoices

  • Default VAT %: Eg. 24%

  • Default penalty interest: Eg. 11%

  • Default notice period (days): Eg. 7

  • Default terms of payment (days): eg. 14

  • International RF reference: The RF reference is an international reference number which makes money transfers faster between countries

  • Show user's name on invoice line: Define how the rows are grouped on the invoice (Either based on the users or on the work type)

  • Show invoices that are late: Taimer will highligh all invoices with red if they are past due once this tab is activated 

  • Billing area: Define the billing areas in the invoicing settings. The billing areas are FI, EU and NON EU 

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