In Taimer you are able to create different levels of user rights for individual users or within user groups. If you haven't created users or user groups at this stage - You should do it now. 

How to add user rights for a user or a user group

  1. Open the User rights dropdown

  2. Choose a user/user group

  3. By clicking on the green plus symbol you'll activate all the rights. The green plus symbol will turn into a red dot once all the rights are activated. You can choose individual rights by ticking the box next to the user right. 

  4. By clickingthe Add chosen rights button the chosen rights are added for the user.

  5. Click Save to save the changes. 

The user rights consist of two main rights

  1. Right to read

  2. Right to read and write

 How to add or remove individual rights

How to remove rights: 

You can remove individual rights by unticking the box next to the chosen right. You can also remove rights by using the search field, writing down the user's or user group's name and click on the Remove chosen rights button. Remember to save all the changes! 

How to add rights:

Choose the chosen right, click on it and choose the users or users groups you want to add the right for. Remember to save changes! 

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