Editing and updating user information

  1. Open th settings tab by clicking on the cogwheel symbol in the blue sidebar

  2. Open the User list drop down and click on the ellipsis symbol next to the user's name

  3. Choose Edit

  4. You are able to edit user information by clicking on the Edit button. 

Remember to save all changes by clicking on the Save button on top of the page. 

NB! If you change the length of the work day, it will automatically change the work hour balance start date. 

Information to fill in

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Abbreviation in calendar 

  • Username = The username used to sign in. To define whether the username or full name is used to sign in, go to the settings tab. Click here to read more. 

  • Email address

  • User group

  • Resource group

  • Profession

  • Password

  • Re-enter password

  • Colour

  • Office

  • Supervisor

  • Title

  • Position

  • Phone

  • Creation date

  • Work hour balance start date

  • Employment start date

  • Employment end date 

  • User billing price

  • Branch of business

  • Activation date

  • Lock date

  • Modified by

  • Memo

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