The Taimer admin user can send a link to a user to change his or her password for example in situations when the user has forgotten the password. The users can also change the password themselves via the Personal settings tab. Find instructions for both below. 

Resetting the password

The admin user can define a new password for a user in the Settings tab: Settings -> users and user groups -> User rights

  1. Choose the user and click on the ellipsis symbol. 

  2. Choose Change password

Taimer will send a link to the email address given in the user information. Via this link the user can manage passwords and add a new one. 

Changing the password in the Personal settings tab

You can change your password in the Settings tab 

  1. Click on your own name in the blue side bar

  2. Choose Change password in My personal settings

  3. Give a new password and click Save. 

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