The admin user can add new users via the Settings tab

1. Open the settings tab by clicking on the cogwheel symbol in the blue sidebar

2. Choose Users and user groups 

3. Choose Users

4. Click on the Add user button and fill in the user information

When you have filled in all the basic user information, click Save. Taimer will then send the user an email with instructions how to sign in. 

NB! If there are no user licences available, you have to get more licences before adding new users. 

User information 

  • Company = The companhy under which you want to add the new user

  • First name = User's first name

  • Last name = User's last name

  • Abbreviation for calendar = User initials or such which will be used for example in calendar invites

  • Username for sign in = This will be needed if the compan has decided on using usernames for signing in

  • Email = The instructions for signing in will be sent to this address

  • User group = The user can be directly added into a user group with certain rights

  • Resource group = If you have created different resource groups, the user can be added into one

  • Password = User's password

  • Re-enter password = Re-enter user password

  • Colour = Choose the color that specifies the user for example in calendar entries

  • Office = In which office does the user work in

  • Supervisor = Will automatically be filled when the supervisor information is set

  • Title = User title

  • Position = User's position within the company

  • Phone= User's phone number

  • Creation date = The date the user is added 

  • Work hour balance starting date = From which date onwards the user starts registering work hours in Taimer

  • Employment start date = The date the employment has started

  • Employment end date = The datethe employment ends

  • Work day lenght = You can define the length of the user's work day (esp. part-time workers) and this setting will affect the work hour balance. Taimer will automatically fill in the default work day length but if this setting is changed, will the user specific work day length be activated. 

  • User billing price €/h = The hourly rate for the user

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